Sunday, June 23, 2013


The Spolin Players Spot On!

Viola Spolin is, without question, the Grande Dame of Improvisation and the go-to source for Theatre Games.  Her book, Improvisation for the Theatre, first published fifty years ago, has  literally been the Bible for actors and others to find truth and clarity in performance. Spolin’s son, Paul Sills, used her improv techniques via The Compass Players to bring Story Theatre and Metamorphosis to main stream theatre.  Hers is an important legacy.   

Photo Courtesy of Danny Mann, the man, man.
The Spolin Players are a hearty band of actors, most of whom you already know from their wide experience and depth of their resumes. They were the lucky ones who drew Ms Spolin out of retirement to guide them in Theatre Games and Exercises that were enjoyed by The Committee, Second City and our local Groundlings, as well as workshops for actors around the world.

In celebration of The Hollywood Fringe Festival, Donna Dubain, Danny Mann, John Mariano, Anna Mathias, David McCharen, Edie McClurg, Pat Musick, Casey Campbell and Gary Schwartz (absent at this performance Gail Matthius and Jim Staahl) come together making the art of making it up on the spot look easy. With Second City’s Fred Kaz at the keyboard and various sound effects supplied by the players on microphones, a quick sixty minutes of sheer entertainment will be available for only two more performances at the Elephant on Santa Monica as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Seeing these seasoned performers having such a great time reminds us that the spirit of the Theatre is the ‘Gift’ of a great performance.  Fast paced and filled with energy, this is a must see, especially for the jaded patron of ‘give me a location, a character and an occupation’ to see these simple basics of Spolin’s Theatre Games blossom into great fun.  Every single actor is having a ball.  Ten bucks. Limited seating.  Such a deal!  

If you don’t laugh out loud, there is something seriously wrong...  with YOU!  Smart and Hilarious, this is a must see.

The Spolin Players
Hollywood Fringe Festival
Friday 6/28 @ 7 PM
Sunday 6/30 @ 4 PM
All shows are one hour at:
Theatre Asylum / Elephant Space
6320 Santa Monica Blvd LA 90038
(E. of Lillian Way / W. of Vine)
OR CALL:  (323) 455 – 4585   

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  1. Hello! My name is Marlane Barnes and I noticed you reviewed this show last year at the Fringe but haven't done one yet this year! We are a theatre group from UT Austin and would love to have you review our show! It's one hour of 9 solo pieces (kind of a variety show) and we think it's pretty fun! I have the dates and more info on my website.