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Communication with the PR person for Daniel Henning's Blank Theatre Company Second Stage Theatre broke down and though I had not confirmed that I’d be reviewing Peter Pan on Friday, seats were set aside for me.  I failed to come to see the show.  This is a tiny theatre and every seat filled helps them to continue to do exciting work. 

As I said previously (twice), this is a theatre piece not to be missed.  It’s the sort of play that one absorbs in both a physical and an emotional way.  There’s a new cast, I understand.  I don’t have their names, but as the casting for the first incarnation of the show was exquisite, I am sure that the new cast is as filled with energy and the magic  as the first one was.

The Second Stage is located on Theatre Row, which means that parking may be an  issue and local denizens might be ‘interesting’ to say the least, but once inside, the earthy atmosphere of the space draws one directly into the piece. 

The story is familiar to us all, thanks to many versions. J.M. Barrie’s book is, of course, a classic, as is Mary Martin’s familiar 1954 Broadway musical that blossomed into continuing revivals with Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby. 

I need to make a personal reference here.  A dear friend, Linda Dangcil, played Tiger Lily in the ’54 version on Broadway and has gone to the big curtain call in the sky.   
She was great talent and a dear friend.

But!!  The title of this show, though off putting, seems a bit harsh and at bottom not really true. The big switcheroo is that Mr. Darling is out of the picture all together, leaving Mrs. Darling as the head of household and as is traditional in the aforementioned live action versions and the book.  SHE becomes the notorious Captain Hook.  With doubling and tripling, the cast of seven actors sweeps the audience into the mix viscerally, artistically and emotionally.  I hope you believe in fairies!

Peter Pan continues at The Blank Theatre's The Second Stage.  Support innovative theatre and get a party together to engage this show. 

Michael Sheehan

Peter Pan: The Boy Who Hated Mothers by Michael Lluberes

 NOW EXTENDED THRU Sunday July 28, 2013

Thursday / Friday / Saturday at 8pm; Sunday at 2pm

ADMISSION: $30             

Available online at

or by calling  (323) 661-9827. 

The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre  

6500 Santa Monica Boulevard

(at Wilcox), in Hollywood  
Arrive early for parking.  
The little Cafe at the Hudson is expensive, but really nice. 

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