Thursday, December 9, 2010


It is my goal to be an honest critic and at the same time... as much as possible... a booster of theatre in Los Angeles. Personal stuff has me not attending some openings, but I hope to keep readers informed about what's going on that I'm told about. This is pretty exciting, as it was The Pasadena Playhouse / Patty Onagan Publicity who first treated me as a true member of the press. So.. this good news from Patty, I want to share with you and, if you are inclined, make a contribution to the Playhouse. It's a regal old gal... that place. Sure hope they come up with ways to please their basic audience and also move forward with edgy and interesting theatre in the years to come. The upcoming Dangerous Beauty musical will be interesting to say the least. Rent the movie to get the gist and then attend the show if you're as curious as I am.

Here's the current info on The Playhouse courtesy of Patty Onagan:


PASADENA, CA (December 9, 2010) – The Pasadena Playhouse (Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director and Stephen Eich, Executive Director) proudly announced today that they raised $2 million, which was a challenge inspired by anonymous donors’ $1 million matching grant. The theatre continues fundraising efforts with a new $2 million campaign named Fund the Future. The new monies raised will support opportunities for the Playhouse’s advancements including expansion of the next generation of theatre audiences.

"We are thrilled by the outpouring of generous gifts. So many sources have been willing to join forces by quickly and actively displaying their support in helping to reach the $2 million that we raised," said Sheldon Epps, Artistic Director of The Pasadena Playhouse. "The evidence of this extraordinary community backing reconfirms what I always say, 'People care about this theatre.' It is the commitment from our board and our supporters, that ensures us that we have a strong and exciting future and that The Pasadena Playhouse remains the vital and important theatre that it has always been."

Michele Dedeaux Engemann, Chairman of the Board of The Pasadena Playhouse said, "When we met the $1 million pledge, the Board knew immediately that we still needed to have an aggressive fundraising campaign to continue our ongoing efforts to reach our goals. We are thrilled with what we have accomplished since July of this year and are wholeheartedly dedicated to take on our new Fund the Future campaign."

Stephen Eich, Executive Director of The Pasadena Playhouse added, "The unanimous endorsement of this campaign from the Board and staff to raise $2 million tangibly represents our continued commitment to the Playhouse being the premier theatre of Southern California and an important part of the national theatrical scene.”

Contributions for "Fund the Future" can be made online at; by calling 626-921-1156; or by mailing a gift to Fund the Future, Pasadena Playhouse, 600 N. Rosemead Boulevard., Pasadena, CA 91107.

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