Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Encyclopedia of Hallucinations La Luz de Jesus Gallery

If you have not visited Billy Shire's La Luz de Jesus / Wacko / Soap Plant Gallery on Hollywood Boulevard, you are missing out on a piece of Hollywood history. Originally on Melrose in the heart of hip and happening, the gallery moved to East Hollywood (just east of Vermont) bringing the feeling of Melrose to the neighborhood. The area is burgeoning with 21st century boutiques and venues.

The current show in the Gallery features the art of Rob Reger and his gal pal, Emily the Strange. Emily, for those who may not have heard, is a darkly "tween" who brooks no fools nor posers. Now a world wide phenomenon, Rob's original artwork featuring Emily and many images of kitties, is exciting collectors.

The show next door features outsider artists presented by Gordon W. Bailey including south eastern US artists including the raw emotion of Sam Doyle.

Included in the gallery with Rob's paintings are weird little critters "Misfits of the Forest" by Lauren Gardiner.

The amazing inventory of the space is worth the trip alone. Say hello to Matt Kennedy, the gallery director and tell him OnStageLosAngeles sent you. Gallery owner, Billy Shire is hard to miss. His championing of new art should be applauded.

Show closes on October 3, 2011. Parking is tough on the weekends, but not impossible.

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