Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dream Out Loud Premiere

Last night the premiere of Dream Out Loud, a short film by Juliet Landau and Deverill Weekes, was presented at the Pasadena Convention Center  It was truly an amazing event.     

Dream Out Loud recounts the story of makeup artist  Kazuhiro Tsuji, rising from obscurity in Japan to become one of the premiere creators of special makeup for feature films today. The evening was topped by the unveiling his latest fine art piece, an heroic head of Abraham Lincoln.  

Photos to follow, I hope, courtesy of Scott Sebring.  Meanwhile, you may peruse FB for images of the gala event.

Hyper-realism in art as shown in Kazu's work, must be a cutting edge in contemporary circles.  His sculpting skills and use of modern prosthetic makeup techniques are, if nothing else, engaging and truly spectacular.   His sculpture of Abraham Lincoln stands about eight feet in height, but unlike heroic images in stone or bronze, this piece looks as though the President is about to speak! 

I think the piece is on view for the weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center on Green Street in Pas.  Completely engaging and a little spooky, too.   

Over six hundred makeup artists and friends filled the auditorium for the film and then herded into the neighboring gallery for the unveiling.  A theatrical event!  

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