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A bit of research reveals that a “Top Girl” is the ‘girl’ who over sees the other girls in any situation where women employees need to be supervised.  Top Girl may be the person who intercedes between the male boss and the women worker bees in the ‘pink ghetto.'

In Act I in Caryl Churchill’s play introduces us to an ambitious Marlene (Sally Hughes) who has invited prominent women from history to lunch.  Beautiful and poised , Marlene fusses as the The Waitress (very efficient Alexandra Goodman) sees to the wine, takes luncheon orders and expresses internal opinions about what’s what. 

Isabella (Karianne Flaathen), Lady Nijo (Kimiko Gelman), Dull Gret (Etta Devine), Pope Joan (Rhonda Aldrich) and Patient Griselda (Jeanne Syquyia) arrive.  Exposition ensues.  Survival has not been easy.

Act II, Marlene is at work with co-workers in a London office where the glass ceiling is about to be raised.  Actors from Act I double and triple in new roles.   Devine and Goodman return as teenagers Angie and Kit.   Angie runs off to London to be with Marlene.

This ambitious piece is a strong polemic discussing the trials of being a woman throughout the ages.  Issues of child bearing factor strongly. 

Stephen Gifford’s set moves beautifully. Literally. Costumes by Terri A. Lewis work.  The business of feminism is only the tip of the iceberg.   Women who understand and sympathetic men will understand.  It’s a strong statement well presented.  Director Cameron Watson is, obviously, one of those men. Double cast as always at Anteaus, "The High Flyers" cast plays alternately with "The Ballbreakers".  Check the website for specifics.

By Caryl Churchill

Antaeus Theatre Company
5112 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Thursday through Sunday
March 13 through May 5, 2014
818 506 1983
$34 top

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