Sunday, June 22, 2014

TAKE IT OFF! (Well most of it!) OFF! BURLEYCUE at the Fringe

Doc and Stumpy! Not Ren and Stimpy!  

However the zany stuff in the big burlesque show featuring Andy Davis and David Springhorn with percussions by Tuba Heatherton and three, count 'em, three naked women (Miss Angie Cakes, Dee Dee Perks and April Showers) with well worn sketches is worth a trip to the Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

If you’ve seen THE NIGHT THEY RAIDED MINSKY’S, you have a bit of an idea of what wonderful old timey burlesque is all about: Baggy pants comedians with old jokes that at once make the audience groan and applaud.  Quick patter leading to up close and personal encounters with the likes of raven haired April Showers (a ringer for Bettie Page), Miss Angie Cakes (who also doubles in the sketches) and Dee Dee Perks with her hula hoops and misbehaving bra. (A strip tease is supposed to be gradual. Dee Dee’s bra had other ideas and in a brisk moment of frustration she tossed it to the wind and let it all hang out, valentine pasties all a quiver!)

 It’s all in good fun and for the run of the Fringe Festival, you can’t beat the price. Step into the Way Back Machine to enjoy a simpler time when raunchy jokes and a trio of ecdysiasts  who shake it like their sister Kate but don't break it,  garner well earned whoops and hollers from an appreciative audience.

“Saucy comedy, and sultry dancers presented by LA's premier baggy pants comedy duo - Doc & Stumpy. 10 dates in June, different show each night. Come for the tassels. Stay for the laughs.”

Doc and Stumpy’s Instant Burlesque
Adult Entertainment!  
Schkapf Theatre
6567 Santa Monica Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90038
Runs Through the Fringe Festival

Andrew "Doc" Davis
David Springhorn as J. Stumpington Putz
Michael "Tuba" Heatherton
Phil Dye as Wolfgang Wolfwhistle
Miss Angie Cakes as the Talking Woman in the Donations Sketch
April Showers
and Birthday Girl Dee Dee Perks and her spinning hoops

Caitlin "Miss Cake" Gateaux House Manger and Box Office
Bjorn Reddington on sound and lights

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