Saturday, June 11, 2016


It is not my intention to become embroiled in the controversy that has arisen regarding the reports of past abuse levied on actors and others at a storefront "professional" theatre in Chicago.  

Every review that I write and post here is simply my opinion and my reaction to whatever production I may have been invited to review.  If I make a mistake in spelling or pertinent information in my review and it's pointed out to me, I'll fix it.  Otherwise, it is just an opinion. It's a way for folks to have information about a show and for the company to have objective take on their hard work. 

The article about Profiles Theatre Company in Chicago is a news story.  I have not gone to Chicago to vet its authenticity.  I have not met the principals in the story. The article (link below) stands as a long report on alleged 'abuse' to actors and others involved in some of the Profiles' productions. 

The opinion piece published on Bitter Lemons has brought the wrath of the local theatre community down on Colin Mitchell, the now former editor of Bitter Lemons because of his strong opinion regarding the reports from Chicago.  

I believe that we must be informed to have a full opinion about anything.  Sound bites and headlines are not enough to be fully informed.

This entry here on onstagelosangeles is to make available the original story from Chicago and Mr. Mitchell's editorial responding to the story.

Here's the original article:
and the Bitter Lemons response to the article:

Michael Sheehan

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