Monday, July 18, 2016

ONE OF THE NICE ONES.. one of the nice ones @ THE ECHO

Graham Hamilton and Rebecca Gray
Photo by Darrett Sanders

If ever there was a cloning that seemed unlikely, imagine Henry Miller meeting Neil Simon.  Erik Patterson's  hilarious and profane comedy currently at the Atwater Village Theater occupied by the adventurous Echo Theatre Company is down and dirty, sexy, fast paced and even comes quickly.  Literally.  

Rebecca Gray as Tracy delivers a tour de force performance  as the wheel chair bound phone sales rep whose job it is to rope in potential customers.    Amanda Knehans' bizarre set serves with quick changes. But adds a touch of improv to the play.   Director Chris Fields whips his actors into a frenzy as the unexpected keeps everyone racing, literally, to keep the pace.  Graham Hamilton as Roger plays the tenured supervisor.  With phone rep Neal (Rodney To, whose facial contrivances are worth the price of admission alone), Roger's scene with him at the urinals in the men's room is  over the top.   

Unflinchingly profane, Patterson has brought the language that we all may use from time to time bubbling to excess with twists and turns that keep us guessing and gasping. Kudos to The Echo for being brave enough to produce this extraordinarily smutty comedy.  The play is 'smutty' in the very best sense of the word as the climax to the first scene will virtually knock your socks off.  

The argument of the piece teaches us new definitions of bizarre behavior and Fields'  excellent cast turns in an amazing performance.   Highly recommended for those with a skewed sense of humor and a high threshold for the language of Henry Miller or maybe Christopher Durang on acid.   It's a shocking and a totally unexpected rush.  

by Erik Patterson
Echo Theatre Company
Atwater Village Theatre
3269 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Through August 21, 2016
Tickets and information:
310 307 3753

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