Friday, March 9, 2018


Andrew Perez as Kinski

 (written and performed by Andrew Perez)

Theatre Row is home to experimental theatre unlike almost any other area of Los Angeles. Many years ago, actor/mime Richmond Shepard, became a visionary by purchasing store fronts in the 6400 Block of Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. Recently, thanks to the efforts of Los Angeles City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, the area, including The Complex, Second Stage, Sacred Fools and The Hudson Guild officially became "Theatre Row!" The Hollywood Fringe Festival centers in the area.  It's a funky stretch of Santa Monica, no glitz or glamor here, but some of the plays coming along are enterprising and "take chances." I use that term a lot when reviewing new works: taking chances. Pushing the envelope of relevance and art is not for the faint of heart. Thanks to playwrights, actors, directors, producers with vision like these, we move to new heights. Hopefully.

Having just learned of this piece by Andrew Perez that premiered in the Hollywood Fringe Festival last year, I was invited to come to review it. Parking can be a major challenge in this neighborhood. Not impossible, but.. if you come to see a show here, plan ahead! 

Pre-show brings Klaus Kinski to life with a chronology of his life including reproductions of paintings and video that shows the volatile spirit that fought tooth an nail with German director Werner Herzog. In this 'reliquary' of information we learn that Kinski may have been addicted to sex by his own admission having had sex with more than 130 women over his life time.  

The energy that permeates Mr. Perez's performance fades in and out of the manic episodes that Kinski was famous for. Part of the story tells of the two performances of Kinski's one man show that took him ten years to create, announcing that he, Kinski, was Jesus Christ. He was heckled off stage and abandoned it during the second performance.

Perez's presentation takes us on a ninety minute tour of the life of this irascible and outrageous personality whose ragged vocabulary and vomit of epithets was par for the course, especially, if he was challenged regarding his work. Frightening at times and perhaps confused at others, for those who are familiar with Herzog's films that starred Kinski, it may be an evening of enlightenment. Perez's performance was somewhat uneven, but, knowing the back story by reading the time line of Kinski's life and understanding the psychological hardships that the man experienced in his life, including the death of his mother during WWII by Allied forces, along with his voracious appetite for sex, that may explain deliberate moments of pause

Anyone who rents a tiny little space on Theatre Rowwell, Studio C just east of the Comlex entrance, and gathers an audience deserves to be seen. It's an education and though rough around the edges, it's clear that Kinski himself would most likely have a love/hate relationship with the man as seen through the eyes of Andrew Perez.  

(written and performed by Andrew Perez)
Directed by Eric G. Johnson 
Studio C - 6448 Santa Monica Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90038
Thursdays at 8PM
Through March 29, 2018 with possible extensions.
Tickets and information:

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