Tuesday, July 17, 2018


 In their inimitable fashion, Antaeus again presents challenging work with a double cast.  Second opening night’s presentation, with the Assassins cast brings A Month in the Country, the mid 19th Century play by Ivan Turgenev to life pared down to Three Days in the Country by Patrick Marber.  Though Turgenev predates Anton Chekhov by a couple of generations, the familiar Russian tone and style is detected as we see lovers and others come and go. That tone probably comes with the territory, so to speak. Dark and dramatic. And, funny!

Arkady (Daniel Blinkoff) has inherited a country estate and as in a typical Russian plot we meet a bevy of characters. Arkady’s conflicted and frustrated wife, Natalya (Anna Khaja) has a wandering eye for the new German tutor, Belyaev (Peter Mendoza) who is loved by Vera (Chelsea Kurtz), the adopted daughter of Arkady and Natalya.  We're off to the country to examine the  comings and goings of lovers and others, thankfully without Russian accents.

Lovely and athletic Katya (Ellis Greer) has rejected Matvey (John Bobek); the good doctor Shpigelsky (amazing Harry Groener) courts his real life spouse Dawn Didawick as Lizaveta. 
Harry Groener and Dawn Didawick
Photo by Geoffrey Wade Photography
Groener in an earlier scene that practically steals the show, lasting silently for several minutes as the former lover of Natalya: Ratkitin (Corey Brill) sits with Shpigelsky and his friend, Bolshintsov (Alberto Issac), who yearns for Vera, having commandeered Katya’s basket of raspberries, create a moment as the three of them silently consume mass quantities. 

It's tough to be the only kid in a cast of adults, but Marcello Silva as Kolya, the bratty ten year old son of Natalya and Arkady, holds up well.

Dedicated to 'classic' theatre, Antaeus brings the mid 1800s to life with just the right amount of melodrama on Se Huyn Oh's simple set using Jared A. Sayeg's lighting and simple projections to full advantage. Excellent costumes by A. Jeffrey Schoenberg.  At the beginning of the second act Chris Moscatiello's thunder clap blows the audience out of their seats!!  Way too loud!  Forewarned is forearmed.

Andrew Paul’s direction is crisp, allowing the skills of the actors to carry the story along. Three Days is an excellent take on a stylized glimpse into the lives of mid 19th Century Russians in love.  

Three Days in the Country by Patrick Marber
Based on A Month in the Country by Ivan Turgenev
Antaeus Theatre Company
Kiki & David Gindler Performing Arts Center
110 East Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205
Through August 26, 2018
Tickets and Information:
818 506 1983
To view cast schedule.

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