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I think that my first review of A Noise Within's production of Noises Off! was in 2011.  The then Glendale local theatre company was still in their heart attack digs on Brand Boulevard where they'd held forth for almost twenty years.  That production rocked. Meanwhile, short sighted City of Glendale city moms and pops declined to work with Artistic Directors Geoff Elliott and Julia Roderiguez-Elliott to keep this dedicated company here in town and off they went to court the City of Pasadena.  And, they succeeded!
ANW revived their hilarious production one time since 2011, I believe and here we go again.. 
Michael Fryan's uproarious farce will romp the Pasadena stage for only one more day.  More's the pity as this ensemble is so tight and well tuned that it seems that they might run the show forever and pack the house for every performance.
As the show closes tomorrow, this is just a reminder that Pasadena's Classical Theatre Company presents professional work in a gorgeous home. 
To put a fine point on it, Actual Director Geoff Elliott as the in the play director Lloyd Dallas actually directing and as the company director putting on the slightly vanity tour to feature the delightful Dotty Otley (fantastic Deborah Strang) as Mrs. Clacket, the housekeeper.. and as the show is closing.. all we can hope for is that Fred Kinney's fantastic set will not be far away when revival time comes again.  Kudos to Apollo Dukakis who, as Selsdon Mowbray, as The Burglar announces that he, Mowbray, and probably Dukakis as well, has spent sixty years upon the stage (all the while seeking his preset flasks of pick-me-ups: Mowbray not Dukakis.. presumably).. 

See this one!
Noises Off! by Michael Fryan
Closes June 6, 2019
A Noise Within
3352 E. Foothill Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
Tickets and Information
626 356 3100

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