Saturday, February 22, 2020


 A quick shout out to Lance Davis and his fertile imagination with Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid currently at Parson's Nose in Pasadena. 

A strange missed understanding put me in touch with an old actor pal, Barry Gordon, who is alive and kicking ... so to speak.. with the delightful and down home Parson's Nose Ensemble.  In the show, he doubles as a cafty notary and a doctor with a big nose (it's a mask). 

What's going on up there is an amalgam of a gang of theatre professionals teamed up to distill classical theatre:  charm the audience for an hour and a half, serve a glass of wine or a cup of tea and simply enjoy the good parts of the plays we revere from the past.
Mary Chalon's direction with artistic director and hubby, Lance Davis as Argon, the Hyped up Hypochondriac... simply makes for a great show.   The secret? Take the essence of a classic piece of theatre.. dissect it a bit, mix in some contemporary schtick, season to taste, then toss lightly in a former Pasadena funeral chapel ...  
and...Voila.. Moliere Light. 

With the entire cast having a great time in Michael Mullin's excellent costumes and keeping the pace moving like anything, it's simply great fun.
Kristin Igermeier as Angelique flutters like a butterfly not much interested in Thomas Diaoiforus (James Calvert) coached by his crafty doctor dad (John Rafter Lee) who has  eyes on Mrs. Argon (Marisa Chandler) who has eyes on Argon's stash of cash.
Enter Cléante (Colin Thomas Jennings)  as the true love suitor for Angelique, whose first appearance to the Pink Panther theme is one of the subtle nods to the present.. or recent past, anyway!  The story is bumped along beautifully with the expertise of Jill Rogosheske as Toinette, Argon's maid,  who takes no prisoners, keeping the story line active.
Davis and crew (notably stage managed and  tech directed by Jake Perri) invite you to Pasadena to have some fun.  Do. 

The Imaginary Invalid by
(mostly) Moliere and Lance Davis
The Parson's Nose
85 North Marengo
(Enter on Holly)
Pasadena, California 91101
February 8 – March 1, 2020
Fridays @ 8pm
Saturdays @ 3pm and 8pm
Sundays @ 3pm
Tickets and information:


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