Sunday, April 3, 2022

A DEATH DEFYING ESCAPE.. It's Judy Carter!! Again!!

The tiny Hudson Guild space on Santa Monica where traffic is always in a hurry.. a Red Carpet w/ fancy backdrop stands waiting for opening night photos. There are a lot of good looking women with bouquets filing into the storefront where Judy Carter and company never miss a beat as she tells the story of the trials and tribulations of being...

Judy Carter.
Judy Carter
Photo by Jenny Graham

Aided and abetted by Kevin Scott Allen and Lyndsi LaRose who portray Judy's parents, her lovers, a mean magician, a guy in a golden jock strap and others, Judy Carter takes center stage comfortably. She tosses in a few magic tricks:  pick a card, any card.. The  Zombie and the old switcheroo.  The author/star/daughter/sister is comfortably in charge and Director Lee Costello's pace keeps us on board for the entire ninety minutes.

The heart of Judy's story turns gently on her devotion to her sister Marsha who suffered from birth defects that left her in a spastic condition. Judy's devotion to Marsha permeates the show with genuine pathos throughout.  Judy's  memories of making her grandmother as well as her sister  her first audiences is wonderful. She knew that she  was destined to become.. not a magician's assistant. but a working magician.
Kevin Scott Allen, Lyndsi LaRose, Judy Carter
Photo by Jenny Graham

The intimacy of the little space at the Hudson Guild is perfect for this presentation.  Judy and her crew have put the money on the stage with video projections and effects that will not be mistaken for Penn and Teller, but meeting Marsha and Judy's mother and grandmother. .even her dad .. will touch your heart because Judy Carter's heart is totally on her sleeve. 

I laughed. I absorbed the deep feelings Judy Carter shared and applaud her 'spunk'  to quote Lou Grant when talking about Mary. Great energy. Great hair. Great story.  

Judy Carter's opening night curtain speech included the introdction of the family whom Judy found to give Marsha a real home, to educate her and love her.  Applause.  This woman keeps her promises. 

Go and see the amazing senior citizen discount coupon clipping gal from Fairfax High. Just go. 

Lee Costello's direction is simple and straight forward.  Tech credits:  Nick Foran: Sound and Production Designer,  Matt Richter's Light Design is top notch. Craig Dickens designed the illusions.

A Death-Defying Escape! 

Written and performed by Judy Carter

Directed by Lee Costello

Saturdays at 8 p.m.  

 Sundays at 3 p.m. 

April 2 through May 15

The production will become available for online streaming beginning April 9

 The Hudson Guild Theatre 

 6539 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Proof of vaccination (including booster if eligible) is required for admission. Temperature checks will be performed on all patrons before entering the theater Masks (no cloth or scarves) must be worn at all times while inside the theater. The theater is wheelchair accessible.

Tickets and information

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