Saturday, January 14, 2023

Guest review HOme Front at The Victory. by Shannon Farnon

Because I am unable to make it to see  Home Front by Warren Leight at the Victory Theatre, an old pal, Shannon Farnon, agreed to weigh in.  Here is her review of the play. Thank you Shannon. 

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The Victory Theatre Center


As an actor, attending live theatre has always been a must in my life. Providing me many years good, and sadly some bad, material, opportunities to exercise my craft and learn what to do and not to do from the performance of others.  The size of the audience is not a way to guarantee you will see good work. 


The Victory Theatre in Burbank is considered a small theatre due to the number of seats.  But it is a huge theatre for the quality of the work.  Founded and built in 1980 by theatre couple Tom Ormeny and Maria Gobetti, Artistic Directors of the theatre, who have consistently provided top- notch material and cast qualified people in the roles.  Bless you both for staying the course through ups and downs.


Playing now is Home Front by Warren Leight.  A story written about the horrible prejudices of the time.  It focuses on an interracial relationship during the 2nd World War, but goes much deeper into all areas of prejudice.   The performances will keep you transfixed.

Give yourself a treat and make reservations.  Then tell your friends.  Filling the seats keep theatres alive, especially “little” theatres.

On a personal note, as I was leaving the theatre. I couldn’t help feeling a bit hopeless knowing that all of those prejudices are still alive and well.

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