Sunday, March 5, 2023

World Permere Let Me In

Deaf West becomes Antaeus becomes Theatre 68 becomes another Theatre 68 all to the benefit of intimate theatre in Los Angeles. 
It's a World Premiere!  
What's not to get a little excited about?  
Bryan McKinley, Jorge Garcia, Rachael Meyers
Photo by Jeff Lorch 
 As a
Lights up on an explosive KABANG!!  of a frying pan pounding on an upstage door.  The pan part clatters to the floor.  Gorgeous (and statuesque) Red (Rachel Meyers) screams at the door waving  the now panless pan handle.  Clearly there's an issue! 
This is a big big play on a tiny stage. It's a   New York apartment the size of a postage stamp. There are remnants of a Bachelor Party?
Opening night energy is electric. It sizzles! 

This day was supposed to be the wedding  day for Bobby (Brian McKinley) and his fiancé. Bobby's best friend, Red,  is dressed in black? 
Yelling and Banging.    

Enter NYC cop, Hamilton (Jorge Garcia). It's his last day on the job.  He has  seen everything. This is a routine 'Loud Disturbance' call.  Red holds a tooth pick.  "Give me the toothpick, Lady.. " 

Bobby (Still in his room and refusing to come out) and Red are expected at what was supposed to be a wedding and, sadly, has become a funeral. Bobby's fiancé has been killed in a  car crash. Somehow Bobby has survived.  
From here evolves the tale of doing the right thing. Bereft Bobby must attend the funeral. 
Bobby is a wreck. Red negotiates with Hamilton. Jocularity.  Really! 
The twists and turns of "Let Me In"  evolve a little slowly, but evolution is afoot.
Garcia is laconic as Hamilton,  the cop. His last day on the force.  He is  entertaining the idea of heading for Italy with his wife to enjoy sun drenched vineyards and the peace and quiet of retirement. Plot twists.   Drinking.  Wheat Thins.  Issues.
With the introduction of "Alexa" as an additional electronic member of the cast and the mumbling radio dispatcher Hamilton checks in with, revelations and issues emerge to an unexpected conclusion.
After some crazy negotiations, Hamilton and Red, whom we come to find out is a well known football on the field televsion commentator with an attitude, are able to usher bereft Bobby into the living room. 
Sometimes I like to say that I am happy to see all of the actors "in the same play at the same time." Thanks to playwright / director  Bryn Thayer, it mostly works.  The exremely tight playing space presents some mechanical problems.  On a larger  stage, some of the really funny business would have an opportunity to be even funnier..
Let Me In is highly energetic, well paced and left me puzzled.  Please support this effort.  The production got delayed a week because of the weather.  They deserve an audience.


Jorge Garcia   Hamilton

Bryan McKinley   Bobby

Rachael Meyers  Red

‘Let Me In’
• Written and Directed by Brynn Thayer
• Produced by Misha Riley for Theatre Planners
• Presented by DSE Productions

Performances: Feb. 25–April 2
• Saturdays at 8 p.m.: Feb. 25 (Opening); March 4; March 11; March 18; March 25; April 1
• Sundays at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.: Feb. 26; March 5; March 12; March 19; March 26; April 2

Theatre 68 Arts Complex – The Rosalie
5112 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Parking is a bitch!!  

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