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Every monologue that Paul Linke has presented has been pithy and personal.  "It's Only A Show!"  is no exception. 

Full disclosure.. I've known this guy for a long time.  I'm a fan.  He's present and accounted for.    

Last Saturday, I was up in Barnsdall Park in Hollywood.  I stood where an audience sat on the lawn, peeling free oranges, to enjoy local talent. Paul and a group of artists had developed the Garden Theatre Festival in a friend's back yard.  Paul was the emcee. Somehow they got the City of LA to bring the Festival to Barnsdall.  It's Theatre History! 

I had an adventure there with an exploding prop!

Linke is a natural. It's that quality that makes his monologues special.  That Paul was pals with Charles Nelson Reilley brings him to the stage again. Today is Charles's birthday! January 13th!  At once it IS a show!! .. but there's something special going on with the pictures that Paul paints with words and those moments when the pace pauses and the images come to life in the audience's imagination.

Most folks recall Charles as a charming panelist the TV game show, Match Game.. He presented sort of a laid back Paul Lynde?  Charles was also a respected director, working with Burt Reynolds on Burt's show "Evening Shade."..  Linke extols the life and times of ths legendary guy in such a way that we can see Charles's early beginnings in New York and how the 'bug' blossomed.

Linke brings Charles back to life with great good humor and a warmth that I'm sure Charles would approve of and  enjoy. Of course, they wrote the show together!

Once Paul steps on stage.. He owns it .. We are all  transported.  Anecdotes and the story of a long friendship unfolds.  From time to time the rhythms change which proabably lands on the shoulders of director Edward Edwards. 

A warm moment at the close from Emily Dickenson that prays for doing no harm and making a difference in the lives of others.. Interestingly, this echoes the admoniton of David Dean Bottrell's show I reviewed on Wednesday.  

Be alive. 

Be grateful. 

Acknowledge the folks whom you love.  

To that I shared a special moment  with Paul after the show to remember 'the little guy' Dennis Rhoton. A good friend who was there for me.

Ed Salas created  the Lighting & Sound Design

Nicole Millar is the stage manager and prize wrangler.

“It’s Only a Show!”
Created and Performed by Paul Linke
Written by 
Charles Nelson Reilly and 
Paul Linke
Directed by Edward Edwards
Opening at 5pm Saturday, January 13. 2024 
Additional Performances 
5pm Jan 20, 27, and Feb 2, 2024
Ruskin Group Theatre 
3000 Airport Avenue, 
Santa Monica, CA 90405

For reservations 

 (310) 397-3244



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