Sunday, June 23, 2019


Complete disclosure.. 
I'm not one much for solo performances.  Mostly, they are way too self indulgent and more fun for the performer than for an audience.  Had it not been for my director pal, Debra DeLiso's invitation and an open slot in this busy time of year and because I like Debra and recalled meeting Dagmar Stansova at one of Debra's directed performances, I might have not gone to see Ms Stansova and her Loose Underware.  She is not actually wearing loose underware... as far as we know. 

The New American Theatre has two spiffy spaces on Wilton that are well appointed, even if parking is sometimes problematic.  That's probably the only criticism that this review will have. 

Stansova takes stage.. literally owns the stage, in the simple black box side of  the theatre  that was running a little like a Chinese Fire Drill with one show out and the next one in, Zip Zap.  The beauty of this space is that the no frills staging leaves it all up to the performer.  Her program has a few simple lighting cues and sound that rocked with Dagmar's love of James Brown as she grew up in Czechoslovakia. Her love/hate relationship with her mother, her love of family and the joyous way Stansova recalls her grandfather who recommended Loose Underware so that the 'boys' could swing free all underscore her eventual move to the United States and...  Adventure!

The most interesting thing is this actor's performance was her ability to effortlessly switch from one character to another, bringing them  all to life in voice and attitude.  The full joy and respect, even in the tough relationships she's shared, is present and as the piece advances, she relaxes and has more fun that is probably legal in Czechoslovakia.

Anecdotes are the key to the success of any great story teller. Ms Stansova, working with director De Liso, finds  nuance and romance; loss and resolution.. redemption, even.. all in her autobiographical presentation. With only one performance remaining, the house will probably be sold out soon, so.. for insights and delightful stories, don't miss this one. Ride, Dagmar, Ride!

Written and performed 
by Dagmar Stansova
Directed by Debra De Liso
The New American Theatre
1312 N.Wilton 
Hollywood, CA 
Final performance
Saturday, June 29, 2019
Tickets and information
Leave time for finding parking. 

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