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As I have said, I am not a member of Actors Equity.   I passed up that opportunity years ago when I realized I wanted to actually make a living as an actor.  The stage is a calling where making a living wage is dicey at best.  So.. It was television (mostly) for me.  

As you can see from the activity on this modest site, my stake in the Pro99 Seat issue is secondary.  I write reviews on the Intimate Theatre  I am privileged to review here in LA.   Hopefully, the restrictive and uninformed edict by AEA against the wishes of Los Angeles Equity members is not a done deal.  I encourage all AEA members to review these candidates and encourage your Equity friends to campaign for leaders who will appreciate LA actors and most important, will listen.  
I have not vetted any of these candidates, but I do trust Frances Fisher.    
Michael Sheehan  onstagelosangeles

This information is via Frances Fisher via Jeff Marlow:

"ATTENTION ALL ACTORS EQUITY MEMBERS: We are in an election cycle ending May 20. If you want to know how to vote; who has your back as ‪#‎PRO99‬, Read this and share with every AEA member you know across the nation. This is a National Election; we vote for President as well as the Western and Eastern Regions. From Jeff Marlow:
In light of the recent events surrounding Actors Equity's addressing of Los Angeles' 99 seat theater community, we the undersigned Council candidates have decided to inform voters like yourself in the upcoming AEA elections of where we stand.
We are for a union that:
- Believes first and foremost that inclusion is the best way forward for AEA's well-being, and the more Equity members working on a stage, whether on contract or stipend, the healthier its membership.
- Applies comprehensive strategy specifically adopted for its targeted region, not a one-size-fits-all solution.
- Communicates with its members on a local level, and designs its contract system from a truly bottom-up model of information.

In solidarity,
Donal Thoms Cappello
Edgar Landa
Jeff Marlow
Jeffrey Todd
Mary-Pat Green

To that end, we hope to have the opportunity to work with the following candidates as fellow members of the Actors’ Equity Association National Council:

Kate Shindle for President of Actors Equity Association (Actors Equity President)
Donal Thoms-Cappello for AEA Western Regional Vice President (Western Regional VP)
Jeff Marlow (Western Regional Councillor, Principal)
Jeffrey Christopher Todd (Jeffrey Todd) (Western Regional Councillor, Principal)
Edgar Landa (Western Regional Councillor, Principal)
Mary-Pat Green (Western Regional Councillor, Principal)

Sid Solomon (Eastern Regional Councillor, Principal)
Christopher Gurr (Eastern Regional Councillor, Principal)
Kate O'Phalen (Eastern Regional Councillor, Principal)

Thank you for reading. Please ‪#‎GOTVpro99‬ and SHARE THIS!"

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