Sunday, April 12, 2015

EXTENDED! MUD BLUE SKY at the Road Theatre on Lankershim

Playwright Marisa Wegrzyn’s  Mud Blue Sky opened to an appropriate Prom Night Theme with balloons and wrist corsages. The enthusiasm of the folks who comprise the well established intimate Road Theatre in two well appointed venues takes their entertaining seriously. Company members pitch in and welcome their audience with charm. 

Adam Farabee, Carlyle King and Whitney Dylan

The Los Angeles premiere of Wegrzyn’s play prompted a comment overheard as the audience left the tiny space upstairs at the old Los Angeles Utilities Office.  “Who would choose this play for this company?”  The fact is that as sincere as the actors in the cast are, the playwright’s attempt to sound a bit like Neil Simon by exploring career options for middle aged flight attendants  vis a vis teen angst is predictable.  Exhausted Carlyle King as Beth enters a cookie cutter hotel room (nicely done by Stephen Gifford) somewhere near O’Hare Airport. She’s tired.  There’s a view of the parking lot.  The TV remote has been where no one should have gone before and becomes a running gag. 

Beth is soon joined by sexy Sam, (Whitney Dylan) a colleague, who is making sure her son cleans up the kitchen at home by reminding him on the phone.  Soon she spots Jonathan (Adam Farabee) in the parking lot.  He’s wearing a tux and tennies and Sam thinks he’s cute.

The story turns on Beth’s considering retirement and possibly starting a craft beer brewery in her garage. The idea is prompted only after scoring dope from the Jonathan in the parking lot.  Ditched by his prom date, Jonathan is coaxed up to the hotel room where a little hide and seek evolves into hanky panky (almost) and we meet the troubled Angie (talented Amy Tolsky) who has been through the emotional wringer lately. She contributes a $400 bottle of brandy to the gathering while recounting the sad tale of where it came from.

Mary Lou Belli’s direction is fine for the somewhat pedestrian material she has to work with.  This is not a bad play. It’s just a play. It has some interesting soul searching that may or may not have the characters moving on with their lives.

MUD BLUE SKY by Marisa Wegrzyn
The Road Theatre on Lankershim
5108 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Runs Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM
Sundays at 2PM
EXTENDED Through June 13, 2015
Tickets and Information
818 761 8838

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